Daybreak Corporation
Supporting Families to Build Stronger Communities
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Daybreak Corporation is a 501 (c) (3) corporation organized in March 2001.  Daybreak Corporation is dedicated to providing and/or referring social services to residents in the St. Louis metropolitan area.  We endeavor to strengthen our community by serving families and individuals.  Through positive support, mentoring, referrals, programs and community collaborations, we are certain to be able to assist with those who are in need of our services.
Daybreak Corporation is now working on expanding its’ outreach and believe our efforts will have a positive impact concerning healthy living in the St. Louis and surrounding areas.
Daybreak Corporation invites the community to the Make a Friend, Help a Family Walk- A-Thon on Sept. 6.
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2014 WALK-A-THON  
Sparking the Spirit of Hope and Possibility  
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Join us in a formal attire live entertainment, dance, and dinner event on November 1. 
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